Diana Price and her special kind of evasion

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Company of players

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Oxford was a patron of a theatre troupe. It wasn't a very distinguished theatre troupe and mostly toured the provinces. However, any theatre sponsorship in the 16C helped to fund the development of the English stage at a crucial point in… go to article

The Main Arguments

Diana Price

Salting the battlefield for the main arguments tr.v. salt·edsalt·ingsalts To add, treat, season, or sprinkle with salt. To cure or preserve by treating with… go to article

Diana Price’s Shakespeare’s Unorthodox Biography (2001)

Diana Price

Professor Alan Nelson on Paper Trails [For Price's reply and my reply to her reply see below.] Diana Price knows how to put a sentence together, but she does not know how to put an argument together without engaging in special pleading… go to article

Diana Price on Hand D

Diana Price, Sir Thomas More  (1592–1604)

We have taken the liberty of reproducing large chunks of Diana Price's article rebutting the content of our Hand D pages (which she does without referring to them or linking to them). You can download the whole article here.… go to article