Five witches

Leading Oxfordians seem to have disappeared from public debate. Where are they hiding? What can they be plotting?

pencil witch
First Oxfordian
By the pricking of my thumbs
Total failure this way comes.
PT theory must be nixed;
Broken timelines must be fixed.

Second Oxfordian
Tempest dating now repent;
Oxford's claim we'll reinvent.

Third Oxfordian
Hair of Barbie, head of cabbage;
Leg of servant, sword of savage.
Gall of Jonson, dead believers;
Mark of Covell, joke of Weever's.

Fourth Oxfordian
Tongue of Oxfraud, Shapiro's hooter,
Reedy's keyboard, Wells' router,

Second Oxfordian
Die the whole Stratfordian nation;
Strangulate collaboration.

Fifth Oxfordian (JDL, for it is he)
Hey, don't I get a turn?

First Oxfordian
Elves and fairies hear your OOTY;
Think again but know your duty.
Back to Shakesvere, I commend you;
Shout blind insights that I lend you.
All about the cauldron sing;
We're always right in every thing.

First Apparition
Oxford shall never vanquish'd be, until,
Water learns to run downhill.

Fifth Oxfordian
I think I should carry a magic wand.
You do realise there are only three witches in the original, don't you?
And they're not called witches
If Doc has a spear, I should have a wand.
Or maybe a necklace. Made out of Aston Martin badges...


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