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Premier League

One area where we know De Vere excelled, to which he devoted a lot of his time, encompasses all the manly sports such as fencing and tilting. The inky, timorous De Vere in the film Anonymous doesn't look much like a man of action but the real Earl was accomplished at these active and difficult sports which took education and practice.


Tilting or jousting was expensive, dangerous and yet Oxford was in the Premier League. He would certainly be the sport's champion playwright as there is no evidence that any other professional playwright ever tilted at anything. It's unthinkable that anyone engaged in the theatre professionally would have the time.

It's not impossible, of course. Steven Gerrard or Geoff Boycott could have written the works of Alan Bennet. You could take that scenario and run with it.

It is, however, so inherently unlikely that you would have to support it with more than inference, supposition and fanciful deductions.

Which is all Oxfordians have to offer.


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