Authorship Threadwatch

Enjoy this. There may not be another 2,500 post thread in which almost every Oxfordian tortoise sticks their head out the shell to await the axe.

There is discussion of Hand D, in which Oxfordians claim to have triumphed without haveing understood Thing One, along with many similar issues of evidence and two massive discussions which ended in disaster fro The Earl. Hiundreds of posts on the differences between sycamores and plane trees violently catch fire when it becomes apparent that, due to differences in nomenclature, American Oxfordians have never seen a sycamore tree and a thousand posts on canals in Italy tragically drown in the realisation that Oxfordians do not realise what a canal is.

There are 631 pages of posts (count 'em) and they have been brutally compressed by the PDF creator but it's searchable, which the online thread is not. But at 29Mb, all the methods of preservation which can preserve formatting seem to blow up in your face.