Authorship Threadwatch
Two-Tweet synopsis for the uninitiated provided by oxfraud.com. Now you know what happened without having to read the comments!
ARTICLE:  Shakespeare’s “Infinite Book of Secrecy”, ALA, Dec 2015. Michael Dudley open-handedly reports on The Folger First Folio Tour before disingenuously pleading for a place on the bus for Oxfordians.
SUMMARY Another severe defeat for Oxfordians on the subject of evidence, made memorable by a winning position on William Basse and two utterly disastrous attempts to rehabilitate Oxford’s poetry by first Michael Dudley himself and then briefly, by arch-Oxfordian Roger Stritmatter.
Stritmatter was keen to introduce a new evidence trinket on the subject of William Basse’s poem, which was promptly broken into pieces. The argument ended where arguments like this so often do, with Stritmatter disappearing having inadvertently opened the door to checkmate with an admission that Basse’s poem unquestionably refers to Shakespeare. Since it also refers to Stratford, his nativity, his title and the date of his decease, then it must refer to the one and only armigerous playwright from Stratford who died in April 1616. Ooopsie! After Sicinius & Whilk, Authorship Vandals to the Gentry, offered a reading of one Oxford’s poems, panic among the Oxfordian ranks ensued. Offering only the briefest of attempted replies, streams of Oxfordian invective, mostly personal, began to flow, accompanied by a choris of hideous whining about Ben Jonson’s Preface. Partly, one assumes, to bury the failures.

Oxfordian evidence presented: 0
Oxfordian toys permanently broken: 2
Oxfordian Verbiage intended to distract: 18Mb.