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In a chapter on The Anti-Stratfordians, David Aaronovitch in his book Voodoo Histories, says; “There is, however, a psychological or anthropological question to be answered about our consumption of pseudo-history and pseudoscience. I have now plowed through enough of these books to be able to state that, as a genre, they are badly written and, in their anxiety to establish their dubious neo-scholarly credentials, incredibly tedious. . . . Why do we read bad history books that have the added lack of distinction of not being in any way true or useful . . .”
In the TLS, Charles Nicholl reviews Bart van Es’s Shakespeare in Company. "He seeks to show that Shakespeare’s achievement as a writer was in crucial ways communal; that the contributions of his playhouse colleagues, indeed his whole immersion in the business and practice of the theatre, are woven into the fabric of his plays; and that in a broadly chronological framework one can see his literary skills evolving in response to certain changes in his working conditions. These are not in themselves new ideas, but they are pursued with great vigour and clarity, and with much telling documentary detail, and the book moves us yet further away from that daft but tenacious construct of Shakespeare the lofty genius, 'seated' (as Coleridge put it) among the 'glory-smitten summits of the poetic mountain'."
Isolating an Oxfordian misunderstanding
"It is a persistent, uninterrupted activity that constitutes the superior mind. The object to which this activity is directed is a matter of subordinate importance; it has no essential bearing on the superiority in question, but only on the individual who possesses it. All that education can do is to determine the direction which this activity shall take;and that is the reason why a man's nature is so much more important than his education. For education is to natural faculty what a wax nose is to a real one; or what the moon and the planets are to the sun. In virtue of his education a man says, not what he thinks himself, but what others have thoughtand he has learned as a matter of training; and what he does is not what he wants, but what he has been accustomed to do."
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