Shakespeare and De Vere's handwriting

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100 Reasons is FINALLY complete

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We're five years old now and the site has grown. The top row Search box will find anything and offers advanced facilities to registered users on its results page. The content is divided into categories which can all be accessed from the Main Menu above. There are indexes and every page has a Tag Cloud in the footer where you will also find lists of trending and popular articles.

100 Reasons

The total was 102 when we stopped. There are, of course, many more than 100 reasons to dismiss Oxford's candidacy. This site lists 102 Oxfordian arguments and where they lie on a spectrum from simply misguided to utterly meaningless.

Big Questions

Since we first launched the site, the big questions have been getting smaller and smaller. Why there is anyone left at all, believing in alternative authorship, is the biggest question today. There's no valid support for any alternative candidate, anywhere.


Oxfordians insist Shakespeare left nothing behind. It's untrue. He left three pages of manuscript. What's More, Oxford also left loads behind. The remains are all you need to separate Oxford and Shakespeare, and clean out all the other pretenders.

Oxfordian “Scholarship”

There isn't much and what there is proves nothing. We looked at an example in detail, the only Oxfordian Doctorate and found it seriously lacking in credibility.

Oxfordian “Argument”

We have reviewed one of the top Oxfordian sites and looked in detail at how it works when it applies to the key issue of Oxford's educational claims. Their "profiling" techniques collapse.

Better candidates

There are lots of alternative candidates. Over 70 at the last count with new ones still emerging. Most of them better than the Earl of Oxford. Unlike the Earl, most of them lived long enough and at the right time.

Oxfraud University

We make some claims of our own using Oxfordian methods. Here you'll find the Woody Allen Authorship question and the final solution to the Mona Lisa mystery.


There are now more than 500 articles here and over 3000 comments. We've installed some ways of sorting through the site in addition to the normal Search Box.


Oxfordians have taken to YouTube. We have a look at what they're up to and use a nifty tool to annotate what they've said. Alexander Waugh's recent debate with Jonathan Bate features prominently.